About Us

The Window Professionals was founded in 1989 in Homestead, Florida. Originally it was a small operation geared towards a niche market of local builders who needed quality windows and doors. Under the guidance of Jeff Karlsen, who was the sales manager at the time, the following three years brought steady expansion and the eventual opening of a second location in South Miami.

An unlikely catalyst came in the form of Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992. The company’s base of operation was leveled, and the homes of every employee had been either damaged or destroyed. The lessons learned by the Window Professionals as well as all others in Florida construction were clear; failed windows and doors had contributed greatly to the property destruction and loss of life in Homestead and the surrounding areas. The industry had its strongest wake up call to date.

Under the new ownership of Jeff Karlsen and other shareholders, these lessons catapulted the Window Professionals to the forefront of new fenestration products and techniques. The market responded over the following decades. Opening multiple locations including corporate headquarters in Jupiter — the Window Professionals continued to provide their expertise in new construction and renovation to a demanding South Florida market.

The Mission of the Window Professionals is to grow an organization that identifies its name as “Superior” in knowledge, professionalism, and service. Selling products that fit the needs, requirements, and best interests of our customers by assembling a team of the highest caliber people who are dedicated to all the company endeavors and goals chosen. Our pledge is to appreciate and respect our customers and employees while acknowledging our responsibility to God, Family and Community.