Aluminum Windows

The Window Professionals have been helping customers with Aluminum windows and doors since 1989.  Aluminium windows and doors contribute to excellent sound insulation and thermal performance. The efficiency of thermal performance in aluminum is higher then wood or PVC. An aluminium frame which is fabricated with high-performance aluminium is able to exceed energy efficiency standards and can achieve improvements in heat gain and heat loss through windows by 60%.

Aluminium windows and doors are robust and virtually maintenance free due to its corrosion resistant property. They are also weather resistant under a range of harsh environmental conditions. Unlike many other windows and doors, they will not swell, crack, split or warp over the time and ensures an extended product life.  Compare to other framing options for windows and doors, the aluminium frames are significantly less expensive. It provides a strong as well as an economical solution for any domestic and commercial appearance. The aluminum is 3 times stronger than PVC and 4.3 times stronger than wood. Thus aluminum is an ideal and cost-efficient option for windows and doors.

The aluminium provides design flexibility which is only limited by your imagination. The metal strength and flexibility allows it to manufacture any product according to custom specifications. It provides an endless array of customization option with finishes and glasses.  Aluminum windows and doors are available in wide range of finishing which ensures a perfect match with any type of décor. They come with powder coating finish, thus it does not require repainting. The powder coating comes with a wide color range which gives you the freedom to create the look according to the required appearance. It also includes unique pearl, metallic and timber finishes.  Aluminium is an environmentally sustainable material, it offers one of the highest recycling rates compare to any other metal. The recycling process of aluminium requires just five percent of initial energy. This inherent property differentiates it from other framing materials and reinforces its sustainable credential.

CGI Estate Collection

Recognized by architects as a premier line of hurricane impact windows, CGI’s Estate Collection can be found in elegant homes, prestigious resorts, hotels, schools and office buildings. CGI’s Estate Collection combines best-in-class performance against hurricane force damage with architectural-grade quality, handcrafted details and superior engineering.

CGI Sentinel Collection

With Sentinel by CGI customers benefit from exceptional quality, craftsmanship, energy efficiency and durability at an affordable price. Sentinel’s complete line of windows and doors are custom manufactured to enhance the aesthetics of your home while delivering protection from the most extreme coastal weather conditions. Whether considering hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors for a home or business, the Sentinel Collection is the best of all worlds – aesthetically appealing, functionally proven and uniquely affordable.


CGI Commercial Collection

Recognized by architects as a premier line of hurricane impact windows and doors, Commercial Series by CGI can be found in prestigious resorts, hotels, schools and office buildings. The Series combines best-in-class performance against hurricane force damage with architectural-grade quality, handcrafted details and superior engineering.


PGT WinGuard Aluminum

For the past thirty years, PGT has been at the forefront of aluminum Impact Hurricane Resistant windows and doors. So much so that PGT’s engineers were an integral part of the creation of modern Florida Building Codes after our State suffered the damages of Hurricane Andrew. PGT’s Aluminum WinGuard windows and doors have dominated the Florida new construction and renovation markets by always addressing the needs of the Florida consumer. PGT provides an excellent quality product at a fair price, and they back it up with the most knowledgeable and experienced service teams in Florida.



Ten years ago, WinDoor burst into the Florida Building Market offering some of the strongest, most well-designed sliding glass doors. Unique and insightful engineering and product design allowed WinDoor to offer their clients incredibly strong, and incredibly resilient doors that can withstand the harshest conditions that Florida’s climate can create. Originally focusing on high-end and commercial high-rise projects, WinDoor has since taken their reputation for strength, durability and beauty, and applied it to an ever-increasing line of products. Recent introductions include their new tilt-and-turn vinyl casement and traditional crank-out casement windows; thermally-broken aluminum double-hung windows; and their new 9050 Series Terrace Door boasting unit sizes of up to 7′ x 10′. If you’re seeking the finest in aluminum doors and windows, WinDoor is sure to meet your needs.


JELD-WEN Premium Atlantic Aluminum

JELD-WEN continues their vast product offering with the Premium Atlantic Aluminum product line. Holding Florida Building Code Approval and Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptances, the Premium Atlantic Aluminum line offers our Florida and Caribbean clients options for the peace of mind of Impact Hurricane resistant windows and doors, and the cost-effectiveness of aluminum-framed windows and doors.


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