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There are three types of clad windows on the market; Aluminum-clad windows, Vinyl-clad windows and Fiberglass-clad windows.

Aluminum-clad windows are the strongest of all clad-windows and are extremely durable.  Aluminum does transfer heat more easily than vinyl or fiberglass so the can be less energy efficient.  

Vinyl-clad windows are the most popular form of clad-windows.  Vinyl offers minimal maintenance, are more affordable and offer energy efficiency.  The are multiple grades of Vinyl-clad windows on the market and there is a tremendous difference between low-quality Vinyl cladding and premium Vinyl cladding.   

Fiberglass-clad windows are the newest type of clad windows.  Fiberglass like Vinyl is very low-maintenance, energy efficient and durable.  Unlike Vinyl, Fiberglass has very little expansion or contraction so windows will remain tightly sealed.


In simple terms, cladding is the protective exterior for a wood window.  The cladding is designed to improve the durability of the exterior of the window while allowing the interior window to offer the high quality look of real wood.

The primary advantage of clad windows is that they combine the most desirable features of wood windows with exterior cladding that provides added protection from the elements. The look of real wood windows are highly desirable, but many homeowners opt for vinyl or aluminum windows instead because they require significantly less maintenance. Wood windows require frequent sanding, scraping, and staining or painting to maintain the like-new look.

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